Rapid Workforce Development Training for Veterans

We launched our veterans’ program after realizing that many veterans return from protecting our country unable to translate their military experience into marketable job skills and suffer from high rates of unemployment or underemployment as a result. Although the specialized training veterans receive in military technologies and advanced weapons systems often has little direct commercial application, it does provide the acute mechanical engineering and 3D visualization skills necessary to excel in computer aided design. By building on existing military-based skill sets we can empower our veterans to enter the civilian technology sector as highly-qualified and competitive candidates.

USTEC classes are high-energy and hands-on. Our program is specifically geared towards veterans, and classes cover design principles and modeling, mechanical engineering equations and geometry, basic programming and much more. Using the concepts taught in each course, students will build design portfolios showcasing their skill set and creative potential.

In addition to technical training, our curriculum includes a business communication seminar focused on written and spoken communication skills to pitch new high-tech ideas and thrive in corporate culture. At the end of our scale-able 10-week program, students graduate with a Certificate in Computer Aided Design.

USTEC’s commitment to serving veterans extends far past their time in the classroom. In addition to the technical courses we offer, we provide professional guidance, resume services, interview tutorials and negotiation tips for students and graduates seeking employment in the technology sector. Using our relationships with high-tech companies in the Bay Area, we help our students find and apply for jobs in the product development and design community. Our committed approach provides graduates with the tools they need to establish successful careers in the civilian world. Veterans have made extraordinary sacrifices to serve, and it is our honor to help them successfully transition into the civilian job economy.