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High Tech Vocational Instruction

Black people comprise only 3% of employees in the top 75 Silicon Valley tech companies compared to 24% of the total workforce.

The Problem Worth Solving

The United States Technical Education Center USTEC, a
Silicon Valley based 501c3 Black Owned Tech company, joyously sees the disparity as a problem worth

We are uniquely qualified to deal with the pipeline problem. To bridge the gap mentioned, USTEC can provide focused experiential learning opportunities, mentors, exposure, and internships.


Silicon Valley and other American tech meccas, there is a pipeline problem for people from the inner cities and rural areas of the US.

Hispanic / Latin - In Tech
Tech 8%
Hispanic / Latin - Population
Population 19%
White - In Tech
Tech 47%
White - Population
Population 51%
Black - In Tech
Tech 6%
Black - Population
Population 17%
Asian - In Tech
Tech 30%
Asian - Population
Population 8%
All other races* - In Tech
Tech 6%
All other races* - Population
Population 5%

Reach: City of San Jose African American High School Students

Target Persona 1

College Age

Target Persona 2

High-School Seniors

Target Persona 3


Our Sophisticated Solution

By Scaling USTEC’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) Program

Intern2 Learn & Earn (i2L&E)

We’ll instruct & pay 20 SJ BIPOC Students in this Unprecedented work-force based opportunity.

May 25th, 2019 - Pilot Program Launch & 3 Phase Strategic Planning

Began with 7 Students, who earned $25/hr, to learn construction, and financial literacy skills. Impact Through Exposure!

PHASE #1: SUMMER 2021 - The STEAM Institute – July 6th – July 30th

Community partnerships with Maranatha Christian Center – The STEAM Institute was held on Monday-Friday in collaboration and partnership with Design Viz. (USTEC). Two sites Maranatha and Bible Way Christian Center hosted up to total of 45 unduplicated students who participated in the Institute.

The impact of Project Based-Hands on STEAM activities created a great fun learning experience for our students working with the Design Engineering Team from Design Viz.

Pastor Tyrone Partee of MCC, said “what I witnessed was Steve and his Team made STEAM fun”.

PHASE #2: WINTER 2022 – Engaging Students in Districts 1 -10 thru Marketing & Recruiting

Phase #2 is “Boots-On-The-Ground” engagements. Meetings with Ujima & Black Student Unions has already begun. And we’re signing up Students for our Summer Program.

PHASE #3: SPRING 2022 – Finalize Enrollment, Parent/Student Meet & Greet

Phase #3 Program Commitment Meeting, and Intern2 Learn & Earn Mission, Vision, & Curriculum.